An effective way to increase both agricultural productivity and ecological health is to slow surface water flow. This can be done in numerous different ways, however the most effective way on barren landscapes is to build ‘moon shaped’ holes to retain the water.

Not only are Justdiggit doing this effectively like the photo below in Africa, but it is being currently done on the cattle stations I am working on in North Queensland, Australia. The graziers that are implementing it swear by this technique and are stoked with the results, I’ve seen it first hand and the regeneration achieved in just 12 months is incredible.

This is an effective yet simple way to increase soil carbon and regenerate forests to make a carbon project eligible. If you are interested in knowing how this can be done, don’t hesitate to get into contact with me, I built Climate Revive with the intention to make landscape regeneration profitable, as well as improve grazing productivity.