What’s Involved in Implementing a Carbon Project? 

To begin any carbon project, there will need to be an assessment undertaken for the best suited methodology and standard relevant to your project, business or land type. Some of these methodologies include:
Vegetation Regeneration
Tree planting 
Savannah Burning
Herd Management
Avoided Clearing/Deforestation
Soil Carbon
Biochar Carbon
Reef Credits

*Please note that carbon/reef credit and biodiversity potential will vary depending on current management, project size, annual rainfall and geographical location.

carbon project round

A carbon pre-feasibility assessment will need to be completed to assess the your project’s ‘carbon potential’ and ‘change of management strategy’ for project eligibility requirements.

Some examples of the changes in management required include:
Regenerative grazing (rotational/planned stocking and restocking);
Multi-species pasture cropping
Biochar application to soil
Better fire regime planning 
Improved fencing and water infrastructure

Supplementary cattle feed to reduce methane emissions
Avoided deforestation or land degradation for marine area restoration.

Climate Revive undertakes a 3-step process approach:

1. Assess

Undertake prefeasibility assessments for your project.

2. Develop

Design and develop the most effective management strategy.

3. Implement

Implement the strategy through practical application.