Carbon farming has become a regular topic of conversation over the last few years, particularly in the agricultural industry. It refers to either the safe storage or avoidance of carbon emissions through different farming methodologies. These methodologies all aim to both improve the agricultural productivity of the land through more regenerative methods as well as provide an additional source of income for the landholder.

Some of the main methodologies that allow landholders to access the carbon market include:

  • Vegetation Method – tree planting, human induced regeneration, avoided deforestation
  • Savannah Burning – fire management
  • Herd Method – reducing methane emissions in livestock
  • Soil Carbon – regenerating carbon levels in soil
  • Reef credits – improving water quality in Great Barrier Reef catchments.

The carbon credits are accrued and monitored over the life of the project (ranging from 7–100-year projects depending on the standard and method used). Carbon credits are essentially a financial product with an associated environmental value and can be traded on the market not unlike a share. Due to high corporate and government demand for carbon offsets, the carbon credit price is set to increase over the next 5-10 years.

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Our team are not only experienced in agriculture, having originally come from cattle stations in Australia but are also practical and passionate about the integration of environmental markets in farming. Implementing a carbon project on your property can aid in financial security during times of hardship, such as floods and droughts. Our team can take care of all reporting and legislative requirements over the life of the project so there is no extra burden to your workload.

If you would like a FREE consultation and pre-feasibility assessment to be undertaken on your property, contact the team at Climate Revive. Phone: 0429 695 609.

This assessment can include the following:

  • Assessment of your property for carbon method suitability
  • A pre-feasibility assessment that will include projected financial revenue over the life of the project
  • Assessment of your business goals to ensure the carbon project is incorporated in alignment with overall objectives
  • Possible site visit
  • Layout of carbon project requirements and agreements.

We look forward to working and partnering with you on your project.

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