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Climate Revive is a team that seeks to revive all ecosystems to full health by working with landholders or businesses to implement regenerative projects.

We will primarily aim to generate carbon credits or apply for other relevant environmental schemes in order to create multiple income streams for your business or project.

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Through partnership with specialised contractors and experienced business partners, we offer the following services:

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Undertaking of carbon pre-feasibility assessments and project suitability for the relevant method and standard.

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Development and project design of environmental, sustainability or carbon management strategy.

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Biodiversity and ecological land assessments.

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Carbon project registration, submission and ongoing reporting requirements across the life of the project.

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Land rehabilitation / environmental construction services.

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Native title/cultural heritage engagement.

What is Carbon Farming?

carbon farming

Carbon farming refers to a change of environmental, agricultural or business management in relation to vegetation, fire, soil, livestock or marine environments that aims to increase storage of carbon in our landscapes and oceans, or to avoid the release of greenhouse emissions.

Carbon farming activities aim to generate or accrue carbon credits when undertaken in compliance with a scientifically regulated method. When a carbon project is approved under certain standards, carbon credits will be awarded to the project proponent accordingly.

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